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"It is my belief that if we have a healthy body we will also have a healthy mind and if we have a healthy mind we will also have a heathy life."

Anya Grove

Below is a brief demonstration of the proper execution of the workout .

All workouts should be approximately 45 minutes.

This does not include your 5 to 10 minute warm-up time and 5 to 10 minutes ending stretch.

Straight Set

First set - 1 round:

1. Two minute Push-up plank.

2. Squat to curl. You’ll have to decide which weight is appropriate for you.

Your goal is 30.

3. lat rows use your top weight.

30 on the right and 30 on the left.

7. Dog Bird balance drills. Those are from the ground and all fours making the toes and leg point outside of the body as you’re kneeling in table top position.

Raise opposite hand and leg up and down to a straight line.

30 on the right 30 on the left.

4. Side by side shoulder raises.

30 Times both sides simultaneously.

5. Front shoulder raises.

30 times forward.

6. Third exercise you will need the edge of a couch or a wall. Please make sure it’s firm and can support your weight as you’re going to do side leg raises. Keeping the legs straight the toe points to the ground raise leg up.

30 on the left 30 on the right.

The workout is fairly simple but we can FaceTime to make sure we understand all the principles. Always remember no matter what kind of workout we’re doing posture is the key. Poor posture will always lead to injury.  I’m not saying that good posture avoids all injuries but it will prevent the majority of them.

8. Rear leg raises, 30 on the right, 30 on the left. You can use the side of a firm table a wall or even lean in push-up position over a fitness bench.

9. Flat bench push-ups 30 repetitions.

10. Step ups, no weight.

30 on the right and 30 on the left.

14. Standard unloaded squats can be done Unloaded or loaded. Remember your attempt is to do for rounds of 60 repetitions. So choose your way to carefully.

11. Standard jumping jacks 30.

12. Front shoulder raises.

30 Petitions forward.

13. Body wieght back bridge. It's important to note that this exercise can be loaded. By placing the weight on your hips while you do the upward thrust motion. 30 repetitions.

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