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"It is my belief that if we have a healthy body we will also have a healthy mind and if we have a healthy mind we will also have a heathy life."

Anya Grove

Below is a brief demonstration of the proper execution of the workout .

All workouts should be approximately 45 minutes.

This does not include your 5 to 10 minute warm-up time and 5 to 10 minutes ending stretch.

Fly Round

First set - 4 rounds:

1. Flys 12 repetitions middle incline.

2. Reverse Flys 12 repetitions.

3. Knee hight 24 total 12 repetitions on the left 12 on the right.

1. Choo-Choo train hammer curls. 12 on the left 12 on the right.

Second set - 6 Rounds :

2. Balance unweighted toe touches. 12 on the left 12 on the right.

3. Flag plankes unweighted. 16 on the left 16 on the right.

The workout is fairly simple but we can FaceTime to make sure we understand all the principles. Always remember no matter what kind of workout we’re doing posture is the key. Poor posture will always lead to injury.  I’m not saying that good posture avoids all injuries but it will prevent the majority of them.

4. Stretching drill keeping the legs as straight as possible attempt to touch the toes and hold it for 10 seconds do it 4 times.