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Helping Parents raise confident leaders and adult reach their true potential is what we do !

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35 East 1st street, top floor suite 1 , Hinsdale, IL 60559

Since 1996 Hinsdale Fitness Club has provided members with a road map to success based on physical fitness, self-defense, confidence and goal

setting skills.


What makes Hinsdale fitness club different from other studios

Hi, I'm Sensei Scott Grove

I know how difficult and confusing finding the right fitness club can be.

I grew up in A Martial Arts school and Loved every minute of it. I remember the joy I've learning my stances and the excitement of teaching others how to do what I've learned.

That feeling has never left me and I want all of my students to Feel the confidence that Martial Arts gave me.

When I opened up my school in 1996 I made a commitment to serve and empower my clients. Teaching children and adults necessary skills of confidence and leadership, fitness and disipline to help them

achieve in life

We teach the same values you teach at home.

Our facility is safe clean

and private !

You !

It,shat makes Hinsdale fitness club different from other studios?

Tou !

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Sensei Scott Grove

Anya Grove

In one word FAMILY.

These students have trained with us for years. Whether it be Boot Camp's, Personal Training, Martial Arts classes, Yoga or more.

From the personal trainers who work at our club to the first, second and now even third generation students these people are our family.

When you train with us you will find a positive and encouraging environment that guarantees your success and helps you reach your goal .