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"It is my belief that if we have a healthy body we will also have a healthy mind and if we have a healthy mind we will also have a heathy life."

Anya Grove

HBOT PROS Believe reading, is fundamental to every step and hyperbarics, makes that better

Sports related injuries are continuous concerned for sport players and coaches And inflammation playes a primary role in respect to recovery. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. In addition HBOT can help enhance healing from surgery and wounds by promote collagen and fibroblast activities.

New evidence supports HBOT as a positive therapeutic

treatment to help moderate the effects of traumatic brain injuries and Is more increasingly being used by physicians and patients to help fully recover from high impact Injuries to the body.

U.S. Olympic teams now uses HBOT as part of their official treatment procedures for injuries and use such chambers as standard recovery equipment.

Sports performance and stem cell rejuvenation

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