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Anya's Yoga is about harmony and balance. We¬†represents spirituality, celebration and community.  Anya's Yoga nourishes minds, strengthens bodies, and deepens the heart through guided yoga practice and meditation.¬†We believe by moving thoughtfully we embrace ones humanity and ground ourselves in mindfulness. We improve our own physical and mental well-being, while empowering one another to take

grace and goodness from the mat, into our lives as messengers of light,

love and peace.




Yoga helps you improve flexibility and increase range of motion. It reduces aches and pains and increase mobility. I hear many people tell me that they can't touch their toes on the first class but patience and proper muscle activation will gradually losen those tight spots. Over time and with practice your ligaments tendons and muscles loosen increasing elasticity and helping making more poses possible.Yoga helps improve body alignment promoting better posture and helping relieve back, neck and joint pains.

Increased Strength

Vinyasa Yoga uses every muscle in the body increasing strength from head to toe it also has the additional benefit of releasing muscle tension.

Weight Management

Yoga can also aid in weight management by reducing Cortisol level as we burning exces calories wich help lower stress.

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