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"It is my belief that if we have a healthy body we will also have a healthy mind and if we have a healthy mind we will also have a heathy life."

Anya Grove

Woman's Self Defense

First class: Positional awareness and striking techniques.

Second class: Ground defenses, escape’s and survival techniques.

Third class: Putting it to the test and cold hard facts!

"Being a good fighter takes skill, practice and repetition. Being good at self-defense takes common sense and the will to do it.

Sensei Scott Grove."

Lesson number one: you have the right to defend yourself!

If your not 18 yet you require a legal guardian to enroll you.

The course is a three one hours sessions.

Striking gloves are recommended. You may bring your own or purchase some in advance from Hinsdale Fitness Club.

Each class comes with the Hinsdale fitness club women’s self-defense T-shirt. A free yoga session at designated age appropriate class times and one year digital access to class literature for personal reference.

A minimum of 4 students are necessary to create a semi private self-defense class.

Please fill out the waiver below. Feel free to add additional information in the note section. This information is kept confidential and will not be disclosed.

Be sure you are healthy enough to participate in a physical fitness program and notify the instructor in writing if there are any specific injuries that should be considered.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to kick ass!

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This training can also be done in a one on one private training format or small group package.

if you're interested in that call for further details.