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Camp  Itinerary

Thank You for joining our camp!

It is from 10-12 Momday-Friday

All camps are held in a safe and clean Air condition space giving you the confidence to let them enjoy class while you enjoy life.

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Ninja Orientation Day.

Basic martial arts instruction learning turn Ashley techniques and to behave :-) are all part of the first day of ninja orientation don't be surprised if they come home sweetie they're gonna love it.



Obstacle Course Day.

Doing Monkey stuff but this day is more than hanging around. Participants build their obstacle course have fun playing on it and take it down. While doing so they learn how to overcome more than just the physical obstacles of life.

Don't forget your water !


Capture the flag day.

Ninjas learn the value of teamwork have fun building forts and bases, then playing capture the flag games.

Don't be surprised if they want to make a fort at home :-)




Nerf day.

We're going to have a Nerf war! Make sure the players bring 30 darts a Nerf gun and some goggles to

protect their eyes.

Sorry if they keep playing at home !


Ninja dress up Day.

Mom and dad please don't dismiss this day it is the last day of camp and we are going to play really fun Games.

The children should dress up as their favorite ninjas we can make it up or it can be from a cartoon they like, I don't care it's fine. But I've been doing this for many years and I do know that when the kids don't dress up and they see other kids coming in costumes they feel left out please try to help them enjoy this experience.

After all it's not every day we get to look and act like ninjas.

Trust me this line was funnier

last year :-)



Camp drop in rates:

We realize not everybody can do

every day camp so here are you dropping rates.

Five days $240

Four days $208

Three days $165

Two Days or less are charged at

$60 a day