Martial Arts and Self defense for kids


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Play the game live the adventure!

Get Ready for The  Dragon Force Ninjas Summer Camp!

June 15 - 19

July 13 - 17

August 10 - 14

10:00 am - 12:00 am

Martial Arts camp unlike any other !

Monday: Ninja orientation. An opportunity to meet your fellow camp buddies and learn the basics of the

Martial Arts and Fitnesss. Students will get their T-shirts download their Dragon Force Ninja video game and

earn their first honor coins.

Tuesday: Obstacle Course day. Participants build an awesome obstacle course And learn to never surrender and never give up even when you're hanging on your toes. Children will also go home with their second honor coin rewards.

Wednesday: Noodle Battles day. Loads of fun and teamwork building drills is what this date is all about. It ends with perfect yoga meditation With a calming and positive state of mind. Third honor coin rewards.

Thursday: Nerf Wars day. Talk about fun! Nothing but pure adrenaline and enjoyment on this day but

remember to bring your items:

I protection.

30 Nerf darts.

A working Nerf gun. No electronica guns please.

Fourth day honor coin rewards.

Friday: Meet the ninjas day. Students should dress up as their favorite ninja.

I'm going to be Sensei from the Dragon Force Ninjas.

Who will You're little warrior be?

Fifth day honor coin rewards.